The 2018 POSH Gala Ball was a tremendous success with 670 guests helping to raise over $1million.

Over the past 19 years, POSH has raised $15.5million. Once again, Vince Sorrenti kept everyone entertained as MC and we thank Vince for supporting POSH since 2000.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the evening, our Corporate Partners, Private Table Hosts, Sponsors and Suppliers. Through your continued support, Cancer Council will continue to fund leading cancer research programs and essential support services for cancer patients and their families.

Location and Date


Save the date for POSH 2019:
Saturday, 23rd March 2019

Planning for POSH 2019 is underway so please feel free to send an expression of interest to secure your table or contact us if you would like to donate an item or experience to the auction catalogue.



To get involved please contact:
Jenny Menzies
Cancer Council NSW
153 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo
NSW 2011
Phone: (02) 9334 1967
Email: jennym@nswcc.org.au


100% of all auction items are donated by our generous sponsors.

The 2018 POSH auction is now closed.


Cancer Council NSW has been a continuous supporter of Professor Roger Reddel's research, ever since he was recruited back from the USA to the Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) in Sydney. He is currently working on a far-reaching research program that aims to transform the way cancer is diagnosed and to increase the accuracy of treatment decisions for each individual cancer patient. Together with Professor Phil Robinson, Professor Reddel is leading an initiative, named ProCan, which is using a new technology to analyse many thousands of different cancer samples of all types, from children and adults, over the next five years. The analyses are all being done at CMRI in a purpose-built, industrial-scale research laboratory. The cancer samples, and information about their response to treatment, are being provided by experts in each cancer type from around Australia and internationally. The ProCan program will use "big data" methods to match the pattern of key molecules in the cancers with their response to treatment.

"Since I last spoke in 2011, thanks to your funding I have been able to continue my research to improve the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. One of the exciting outcomes of our current research program will be an 'internet of cancers'. This means that when a patient is newly diagnosed with cancer, a sample of the cancer will be analysed within 24 to 36 hours, and the pattern of key molecules it contains will be used to search a global database to determine what treatments worked best - and, just as importantly, which treatments did not work - in patients with the most similar cancers. This will increase the accuracy of treatment decisions, enhancing the ability of clinicians to choose effective treatments for each patient, and avoiding the side-effects and loss of vital time that would result from choosing an ineffective treatment. Just like the internet itself, this internet of cancers will continue growing and will be continuously updated as new treatments become available."

Rodger-Reddel Signature

Professor Roger Reddel
Children’s Medical Research Institute



"Since I last spoke in 2011, thanks to your funding I have been able to continue my research to improve the way cancer is diagnosed and treated."

Roger Reddel


The success POSH enjoys today, as we celebrate our 19th year, is mainly attributed to the many people who give so generously their time, energy and effort.

Our thanks are extended to the POSH Committee members, many of whom have been on the POSH Committee since its inception. They provide the strategy, focus and inspiration to ensure POSH is a not-to-be-missed event and continues to raise more than $1 million annually for cancer research.

To the many volunteers whose efforts, whether large or small, are invaluable to our cause, we thank you for your contributions.

Finally, we gratefully acknowledge Vince Sorrenti, POSH Master of Ceremonies and entertainer, who has made an outstanding personal commitment by donating his services for the past 19 years. He continues to delight and engage our patrons, and we are very grateful for his support, humour and tenacity.

POSH Committee

Nadine O’Brien, Chair
Michele Brooks
Bill Drakopoulos
Gary Gerstle
Bruce Hodgkinson SC
Michael Morgan
Clare Paspaley
Stephen Roberts
James Tuite
John White
John Ryder Winning
John Winning
Jeff Mitchell, Ex Officio

POSH Volunteers

Jane Bennett
Dallas Lesley
Elizabeth Rodgers

POSH Staff

Jenny Menzies
Alison Mariani


Last year, thanks to your donations...


$14.9 million invested in cancer research.

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12,200+ calls to our 13 11 20 Information & Support service.

Mother and son wearing hats

Almost 700,000 children protected from the sun while at school.

How funding has helped our research


Aboriginal breast cancer outcomes will guide future policymaking to help close the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cancer outcomes.

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Improved early detection of deadly liver cancer in high risk communities.

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Our research into prostate cancer will help close the gap in survival rates between rural and city patients.


Cancer Council NSW acknowledges the generous support of the POSH Corporate Partners.


Cancer Council NSW acknowledges the generous support of the POSH sponsors and suppliers.